The Kid in the Class

I am taking a short class at a the local community college on how to take better photos. The type of class is not really important except for some of the examples I will give below. In class, I got to thinking that the types of people in a class have not really changed from high school. Though everyone is out of those school years and most are well out of those school years, they probably have not changed much from how they were in high school classes.

Thus far, I have noticed the following types:

  • "Know It All" - Thinks he knows a lot and needs to point out the things that he does know to the entire class. Uses buzzwords. Is not likable.
  • "Innocent Questioner" - asks a lot of questions, but just trying to learn
  • "Weirdo" - pretends to be taking pictures during class
  • "Teacher's Pet" - puts her 5 picture exercise on a piece of poster board for "show and tell" and also takes lots of notes
  • "Smartie Pants" - helps the teacher by "clarifying" the teachers answers for the rest of the class
  • "Class Clown" - throws in the witty comments to break up the seriousness with which some people take themselves.
  • "Sharer" - shares information about herself that no one really cares about such as "This is a picture of sweet potatoes and apples, I was going to make a mash with them" uh - no one really cares what you are making. Also " I saw this thing on the internet about small light room you can make with a cardboard box so I stole a cardboard box from work because they were going to throw it out" Again no one really cares where you got a cardboard box from - it's not some hard to find object that we were all wondering how we could possibly get our hands on.
  • "Look at Me" - person who pretends to downplay her work and then proceeds to make the class look at 30 photos of a salad when we only really were supposed to show 5 max.

More to follow as the class goes along.


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