I Wanted to Like Her

Well not like her so much as respect her intelligence. I didn't need to agree with her philosophy or principles. I didn't need to agree with her political affiliations. I didn't need to agree with her stand on foreign policy, economic policy or abortion. What I did need to know was that the person was intelligent. To know that all the issues were understood and that the stand that the person was making was based on knowledge and thoughtful consideration. As a woman, I needed to know that the female candidate could hold her own. That she could debate the issues with the best of them. That her knowledge and intelligence could not be questioned. Agree or disagree with Hillary - her intelligence and knowledge were not in question. Sarah Palin, is a "trophy candidate" who may look pretty at the podium but lacks real substance as a candidate.

The parodies with Tina Fey and Palin are humorous - but it makes me think "who would I rather have as VP ? Fey or Palin ?" I would answer Tina Fey because I think she seems smarter. That is not the choice I would have wanted to make.


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