Nothing of interest

Is it depressing that nothing really happened of interest today? Is there a way to make the ordinary seem interesting if you describe it well enough?

Today, I grilled a hot dog for dinner. I bought the dogs at a Ralph's, a little deli up the street, the kind that people used to go to before large grocery stores came around. They were a little more expensive than the grocery as was noted by the price written on a piece of masking tape attach
ed to the package. These were the kind of dogs with a whole lot of fat in them. 100% beef - sorry vegans and vegetarians - but they were good. The casings got nice and crisp with just the right amount of char from the grill and some good old time hot dog flavor. Topped it off with a little white american cheese and mustard. Tasty.

Nope - it's still not interesting. Must not have described it well enough.

Now the world's largest hot dog at
196.85 ft is interesting and maybe also a bit

But not as disturbing as these guys who used to have the
world's largest hot dog (?) It was only 50.6 ft.


sammi.spallina said…
that is soooo cool!! -sammi

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