Helpful or Not

Are people generally helpful ? This question can be contemplated through the following story about a minor problem.

A friend left his glasses in a golf cart after we finished golfing in a charity golf tournament. He asked the golf cart attendant if he had found the glasses when the cart was turned in. He said "No - the carts went back out on the course quickly and I didn't have time to check them". My friend remembered the cart number we had so he asks the cart attendant if he could check because the guy is headed back out on the course. He says " I guess if I see it, but you should probably just wait to see if the cart comes through the turn". We wait for a while as the carts come through looking at all the numbers, several carts go by - there's a #6. Then finally, we see Cart #7 and think luckily it hasn't taken that long and we think we have found the glasses. We flag down the cart but no dice - we find out there is more than one Cart #7 and we need to look for the new Cart #7. The woman who gives lessons at the course walks by and says "go check the barn where the carts are kept because the new ones are usually in there". So, we go to the barn and there are not many carts in there, but there is a kid who is washing the carts. So the story gets told again and the kid says - " I know what you need to do - you need to go look for the Cart that has a 7 on it". Thanks - never would have thought of that. Now we see an old man who is going out on the course to do some maintenance so we ask him to look for Cart #7 when he is out there. Then we see the golf cart attendant again and tell him that we still haven't found the glasses and he says: "now you have lost your regular glasses too" We say its the regular glasses that were always lost. He says" Oh I thought you just lost your sunglasses. Go ahead and go inside and get a cart key and go look for the cart on the course". Now we are getting somewhere. We go inside and ask the bartender if we can get a cart key because we need to go look for the glasses. He is skeptical, but since the golf cart attendant said so - we get the key. But what cart does it go to? Turns out every key starts every cart so we are soon on the course looking for the Cart with a #7 on it (Thanks to the kid in barn who gave us this advice about how to find Cart #7). We backtrack and check hole#18 first. No luck. On to hole #17. A guy in the cart at #17 has just noticed the glasses and we have success as we drive up he holds up the glass case. At the same time, the old course maintenance guy comes up in his cart - he has been riding around looking for Cart#7 for us.

To figure if people are generally helpful, here are a few questions:

Was the golf cart attendant helpful at first ? NO

Was the golf teacher helpful ? NO - she thought she could tell us something helpful, but she did not.
Was the kid in the barn helpful ? Well he did tell us that to find Cart #7, we should look for the cart with the #7 on it.

Was the old maintenance man helpful ? YES

Was the golf cart attendant helpful on the 2nd try ? YES, but reluctantly.

Answer to the question Are people helpful ? Inconclusive, but leaning towards not so much.


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